Audiomaniacs founded in the 90's with sound & light rentals. In 2001 we started with the construction of speakersystems & installation, after 6 months we had our own 300m2 shop.


Edwin Rijs started filming in the early 90's, he did a OpenStudio education. Editing with S-VHS recorders and later used digital sofware like Avid, Edius, Premiere and Resolve Studio.


Ed started working as a theatre (light) technician and producer in the 90's, but even as a child made a disco light show in the attic. Now we use 3D videomapping and network based systems.

Audio Video Light Network

The letters in AVLN stand for : Audio Video Light Network. The AVLNetwork consists of several companies and freelance specialists. In 2018 streaming become a seriues part of the activities and in 2019 the first issue of the “Why Don’t You Stream” webcasting and livestreaming magazine was a fact. The purpose of the AVLNetwork is to expand the network more and more and invite companies and freelance people in different fields of the business in order to serve a broader market. Network systems also apply, almost everything we do with light, video and sound is transported through LAN, WEB or Wifi network applications.

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